Experts, marketing directors and sales reps recognize packaging as one of the most important and effective sale factors. Packaging is considered the face of a product in a way which gives it identity and character.

Packaging utilizes image and text to play the role of a medium in sales because not only does it provide the customer with the essential information but also it shows the importance attached to the product by the producer therefore packaging acts as a bridge between the customer and the producer. Given the importance and the ability to convey messages in sales by packaging, Kian Mehr packaging and printing company started operating with the aim of producing various attractive and quality packages for Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygienic industries. To achieve the aim, we have imported and set up modern and advanced machinery from Germany to be independent of any similar units and all the stages of packaging production are done entirely in our facility and under a single management. Kian Mehr Packaging and printing company has managed to set up all the units related to the industry such as Design, Lithography, printing, UV coatings and cellophane, die cutters, sticky boxes, etc. We pride ourselves in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies such as Barij Essence, Raha, Farabi, Amin, Booali , Alhavy, Arian Teb Sepahan and Shirkadeh, Golkaran, Shahdgyran, Kian Noosh, Golsha Noosh and other industries including Zoghal Ghaleb and Avisa Looleh. We also hope to offer you our services.

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