Print unit

Print is another important section of our company in which our designers’ ideas and skills are transformed into beautiful designs using a combination of colors. It gives soul to any packaging and printing work. Using modern and advanced machinery of Heidelberg made in Germany in different sizes such as 4/5 sheets with 5 colors,2 sheets and GTO has provided us with quality printing and packaging.

Quality, attractiveness and beauty of all prints are the result of the accuracy and interaction between the 3 main units of design, Lithography and printing. For this reason, a direct correlation between the directors of the 3 units and constant supervision of quality supervisor is a must for every project and it has yielded superior quality.


Polar cutting machines N 115 & N 92 (Feeding width:115 & 92) has provided us with the ability to cut different types of cardboard and paper with required dimensions and high precision before and after the printing process and prepares orders for printing and packaging.

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